Plantation Shutters, Blinds & Awnings In Box Hill

Do you want the best awnings, blinds, shutters and plantation shutters in Box Hill? If you do, you have come to the right place. We at Blindman are the best service providers, no matter what material you want these products made from we can deliver quality. We can assist you with a various number of different colours, sizes and styles.

Along with these we also offer verishades and day night blinds.

The best products in the business

We also sell Venetian blinds that are made from high-grade raw materials such as timber and aluminium. Apart from selling these, we install awnings, blinds, blinds and shutters and plantation shutters in the Box Hill area as well.

Areas that we serve

Our consultants regularly visit the following areas in and around the city:







Marsden Park


St. Marys

The Ponds


Jordan Springs


North Richmond

Castle Hill

Western Sydney


Customised products

We specialise in awnings, blinds, blinds and shutters and plantation shutters in Box Hill that are customised as per your needs and requirements. If you want to take a closer look at our products you are more than welcome to visit our showroom. We can also offer you free suggestions on all the other kinds of door and window coverings like awnings that can be used in both residential and commercial areas.

Therefore, if you are looking for products such as awnings, blinds, blinds and shutters or plantation shutters in Box Hill we are who you should be coming to.

Products that customers love

If you are looking for window furnishings that you will love you can be sure that we are the only option that you have in this regard. This is because we have the best selection of products available. This is the reason why each time that you want something from us, we can find the best product for you in terms of factors such as style, material and colour, to name a few.

You can be sure that the product that you buy from us will be the right one for your home as well as your office. When it comes to blinds, we offer you an unmatched range where you can choose from the following and more:

Venetian blinds.

Outdoor blinds.

Pergola blinds.

Internal roller blinds.

Sun blinds.

There are many reasons why you should choose from some of our products including awnings, blinds, blinds and shutters and plantation shutters in Box Hill. The first among them is the fact that they help you control the temperature of your home during all seasons.