Stunning Verishades In Box Hill

Verishades- The Stylish, Clever Curtains Creating Lifestyle

If you want to enjoy the essence of both a curtain and a blind, then switch to Verishades. These are the modern form of shading solutions that has redefined the window privacy. It gives users the control similar to that of the blinds. Blindman is the trusted name in the field of verishades in Box Hill.

Introducing the Stylish & Softness of a Shutter

All of us love to have curtains, with the elegance, style and softness, it is going to be an innovative way to furnish your windows. The ‘versatile’ blinds can enhance the essence of a place dramatically. No matter whether they are opened or closed, verishades are always going to settle back in the best way possible. This is the reason why these stand perfect to cover an ample space by giving a soft feature that can span up to 6 metres.

Why would Verishades be a Good Choice? 

Verishades are a modern form of home furnishing. We know that you would be looking for elegance, styling and versatility all from one product; therefore, we recommend you go for Verishades.

Going for the Verishades will ensure –

  • Full control on the blinds.

  • Smooth adjustment of the light and air depending on the direction of the breeze and position of the sun.

  • Unmatched privacy.

  • Provision for filtered light.

Verishades is all about controlling the wand. Turning on the entire wand means complete privacy by blocking the whole light. In addition to this, you can set the wand midway to get a filtered light coming into your space.

Blindman Suggests Verishades for All-Round Protection

To sum up in one line- Verishades are versatile and are an all-in-one blind. It is not only used to complement a house or office space but can also prove great in safeguarding people inside from UV rays. In addition to this, the fabric is fade-resistant and lasts long.

Other Benefits of Going with Verishades

At Blindman, we help our clients understand the benefits of opting for verishades in Box Hill based houses and offices

  • The fabrics are soil resistant and do not get easily dirty.

  • These are pet and child friendly.

  • Unique functionality allowing a user to go for either transparent or opaque.

  • Versatility.

  • The curved fabric gives an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated feel and look to the space.

  • Made up from high quality 100% polyester fabric that protects the home/office.

  • Wide range of fabric colours available.

  • Easy and convenient to operate and install.

Get in touch with us for the installation of Verishades for your house and office. We would also assist you in choosing from a wide range of subtly different fabrics, matching any style. Have it installed by Blindman and witness the difference in the ambience. Call now for more details.