Aluminium Venetians in McGraths Hill

‘Aluminium Venetians’ have a streamlined look and are a very popular window covering as they provide a balance between privacy and light control.

Blindman Sydney is your source for Aluminium Venetians that do add value and appeal to your property.

Aluminium Venetians in Sydney

Aluminium Venetians have become a top choice in a Blind because of their smooth, elegant look, and ease of operation.  The look is one of modern sophistication that adds a clean and uncluttered appearance to property.  With one touch, light is controlled, offering the property owner protection from the Australian sun, and control of indoor temperatures.  They are a Blind in McGraths Hill that helps to reduce the heating and cooling bills.  Light can still be let into the room with privacy to the occupants by simply tilting the aluminium slats.

Features and Benefits

  • Contemporary look
  • Provide privacy without restricting views
  • Offer good heat control
  • Breakaway tassels for child safety
  • 25mm Slimline or 50mm classic slat widths
  • Huge colour range including metallic, textures and wood grains
  • Attractive and durable

Versatile Blinds for the Home or Office

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a versatile, appealing window covering for a home or office.  The window treatment is sophisticated in design with slats that are adjustable, allowing protection from the outside environment, as well as privacy.

Blindman Aluminium Blinds are High Quality and Offered in Different Colours

You have a large choice of colours when choosing Aluminium Venetian Blinds and they are the perfect solution for residential and commercial properties as they allow light control, privacy and ventilation by simply tilting the blades to achieve the desired effect. At Blindman we offer a high-quality Blind that is designed to last.

For more information on our Venetian blinds in Sydney, contact Blindman today at: 4577 6671

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