Sunscreen Blinds



Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are a smart choice in window treatments. They provide privacy, light filtration, UV and solar protection, and improve energy efficiency. Not only are they functional, but they also add style and sophistication to your home. Our Sydney team offer free in-home and office consultations for your custom sunscreen blinds.

The Australian climate continues to reach extremes each year while heating and cooling costs rise. Simple changes around the home can greatly improve comfort. This is particularly so in winter and summer. Our elite selection of blind designs can help with energy efficiency and temperature control. Save money and refresh your home or office with sunscreen blinds by Blindman Sydney.

Features and Benefits

  • Block 95% of harmful UV rays and provide solar protection.
  • Practical and stylish.
  • Massive range of colours.
  • Are semi-transparent and breathable. Let light and air in while preserving security.
  • Can be made as a dual blind giving you even greater options, i.e. pair with a block out blind to completely block light during the day. This is a great option for shift workers.
  • Improved thermal comfort and glare reduction.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial decors.
  • Made of top-quality materials.
  • Custom made to measure options available.


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Daylighting with Light Filtering Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen blinds do not obstruct views of outside properties or rooms. As the light is filtered through the fabric, it brightens the room, creating a sense of openness, while maintaining privacy.

UV and Solar Protection

Thanks to UV and solar protection features, our sunscreen blinds limit the effects of the harsh Australian weather. Here in Sydney, we experience both freezing cold nights and steamy, hot days. As weather extremes continue1-3, homeowners need blinds that can help mitigate temperatures – and stand the test of time.

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