Roller Shutters in McGraths Hill

Aluminium Roller Shutters offer superior security as well as protection from the weather and complete block out of light when closed. They are very long lasting with durable paint finishes that withstand the harsh effects of the Australian sun and offer a high level of security with their heavy duty construction and roll tight design.

We have the experience you require to ensure the quality of your selection in Roller Shutters in Sydney. We offer a full range of selections in aluminium Roller Shutters in Sydney at affordable prices. Our Roller Shutters are manufactured in Australia using the highest quality materials and come with a 5 year warranty.

Aluminium Roller Shutters in Sydney are Designed for Your Specific Property

Blindman offers Roller Shutters in Sydney that are the ideal solution in a window covering for a number of establishments:

• Homes

• Shopfronts

• Serveries

• Display Areas

• Receptions Counters

• Bars etc.

At Blindman, you can have your Roller Shutters customised to meet your exact requirements.

Roller Shutters Offer Ease in Operation

Roller Shutters in Sydney are available in both manual and motorised operation. Electric operation operates on a tubular motor with activation by rocker switch or a key switch, and a manual hand crank operation is also available.

Blindman offers a number of options to property owners like:

• Manual and automatic operation

• Override options so that shutters can still be operated in emergency situations such as power outages

• Remote control

• Rain, sun and wind sensors

• Interior and exterior key switches

Exterior Roller Shutters for Peace of Mind

Exterior Roller Shutters offer that extra protection during storms and bushfires.

Sensi-Fire Wireless Shutter Safety System

This feature automatically opens roller shutters in the event of a fire. Crucial to fire safety, this is a safety back-up system that automatically opens Roller Shutters when a smoke detector is activated as it picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal which opens up programmed Roller Shutters. It is a completely wireless system mounted near a smoke detector allowing the escape of occupants when a fire is detected.

Roller Shutters are Superior Shutters

The design of Roller Shutters offers property owners a quality cutting-edge design in a Shutter. The Shutters are designed for privacy, energy efficiency, weather protection, and noise control. With machine inserted profile end clips and high quality internal sealed bearings providing extra shutter strength they are superior in security, as well. With the advanced design of our Shutters, it is nearly impossible for burglars to access the property through windows that are fitted with our Shutters due to the high-level security features. At Blindman, we offer our Aluminium Shutters in a number of durable paint finishes, so you have both a Shutter that is the perfect accompaniment to your colour scheme, as well as one that is strong enough to withstand the harsh elements, such as the UV rays, of the Australian weather.

Blindman offers the designs, colours and options in Roller Shutters in Sydney that do offer the security and protection you require to keep your property safe. Contact us today for more information on our roller blinds in Sydney.

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