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Q: Are your products made in Australia?

We are an Australian owned company with a Sydney based factory where we manufacture a number of our products. All our blinds, curtains, awnings and security doors are manufactured locally in Sydney using Australian materials whenever possible . We offer customers a choice of either Australian made shutters or quality imported shutters which are supplied by an Australian owned company.

Plantation-Shutters-Box Hill-Sunny-Lounge

Q: What are the waiting times for installation of your products?

We have a normal waiting time of of 2-3 weeks for most blinds, curtains, awnings and security doors. Australian made plantation shutters and roller shutters normally take 4-5 weeks to be installed and imported plantation shutters are normally ready 6-8 weeks from the date of check measure.

Q: Can you provide an estimated quote from house plans?

Yes we are happy to provide you with an estimated quotation from your house plans or your window sizes. This can be very useful when you are budgeting for the costs involved in a new build. Just email us your house plans or window schedule together with details of which products you are interested in and our estimating team will send you a quote together with links to our products to assist you with your selections.

Q: What warranty is offered on your products?

Blind fabrics come with a 5-10 year warranty depending on which range is selected. Security Doors and Grills are covered by a 10 year warranty on our Prowler Proof range and 16 year warranty on Amplimesh Supascreen products. Plantation shutters are covered by a 25 year warranty on UPF poly shutters, 5 year warranty on Basswood, and 10 year warranty on Aluminium shutters.

Q: Do your window coverings help reduce electricity costs?

Our range of window coverings all provide insulation which will help to keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plantation and roller shutters in particular both have excellent thermal properties and our large range of blockout fabrics are also very effective insulators leading to large savings on your power bills.

 Double Roller Blind at North Richmond

Q: Do your blinds come with childsafe fasteners?

All our chain operated blinds come with childsafe holders to ensure safety in your home and that they comply with child safety regulations. We also have childsafe wand operation for curtains and our vertical blinds. Alternatively we can motorise most window coverings if you prefer.

Q: Do you offer discounted new home packages?

Yes, we have a range of discounts tailored for new homes to ensure you receive very competitive pricing and great value for your window furnishings.

Q: What areas do you service?

We service the Sydney metropolitan area, and are conveniently located to suburbs in the Hawkesbury, Hills district, Penrith and North Shore. We are happy to attend areas outside the Sydney metropolitan area for qualified enquiries at our discretion.

Q: Do you supply commerical projects?

We are happy to assist with commercial and government projects and have many years experience supplying builders, developers, aged care homes, government tenders and school buildings.

Q: What is the difference between Poly and Basswood Plantation Shutters:

There are a few differences between Poly and Basswood Plantation Shutters to consider prior to deciding which type to order. To most people the two type of shutters look the same to the eye. The differences are listed below:

  1. Poly Shutters cost about 25% less than Basswood shutters.
  2. Basswood shutters are lighter than Poly shutters.
  3. Poly shutters are easier to maintain than Basswood shutters.
  4. Poly shutters have a limited colour range whereas Basswood shutters can be painted or stained in a large range of colours.
  5. Basswood shutters are not suitable for wet areas and in these rooms Poly shutters should be used.
  6. Due to the lighter weight Basswood shutters can be made in wider panels than Poly shutters.
  7. Poly shutters come with a 25 year material warranty and Basswood shutters come with a 5 year material warranty.
  8. Poly shutters are better insulators than Basswood.
  9. Poly shutters supplied by Blindman have an aluminium core which gives stability and prevents warping.
  10. Basswood is the best choice when wood shutters are desired as they have a strong uniform grain which will not warp.
  11. Basswood is a renewable resource and basswood trees are growing faster than they can be harvested.
  12. Basswood shutters have a natural warmth and character created from the real wood grain which cannot be replicated by poly.
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