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The Hamptons style of home is proving to be a very popular trend with its many beautiful, homely design features creating the perfect, relaxed style which many Australians wish to create for their homes. It is a timeless style with lots of scope to make it your own.

Inspired by the holiday homes of the Hamptons, this style features light, crisp whites often blended with an array of blue accents and natural tones and textures that work beautifully together.

It is a classic style which can be taken to a relaxed, coastal vibe or to a more high-end, sophisticated direction depending on which look you wish to enjoy in your home.
Popular features of Hamptons décor include exterior weatherboards, high, pitched roofs, verandahs, detailed paned windows and subtle moulding.

There is nothing over the top and it is very understated which is perfect for the Australian way of life.

Features of a Hamptons Home:

Some internal design features which are popular in Hamptons décor include:
Shaker kitchen cabinets, Window seats, Pendant lights, Stone or marble benchtops, Comfy outdoor furniture, as well as plenty greenery and indoor plants.

No Hamptons home is complete without beautiful window coverings such as classic Plantation Shutters and/or soft sheer curtains on windows and doors. White Plantation Shutters look stunning inside and out and blend so perfectly with weatherboards.

Soft Sheer Curtains look stunning on large glassed areas and can be used to provide a nice soft, cosy look to bedrooms and more formal rooms. When it comes to your theatre room dark hued Blockout Curtains will provide the perfect cinematic look for this area.

The finishing touch is provided with well maintained gardens which are an important complement to this style. This can be achieved with green manicured lawns, tidy hedges and planter boxes filled with beautiful plants such as hydrangeas and lush, trimmed topiary plants.

Its no wonder the Hamptons style is currently so popular as it is a classic style for all ages with beautiful features which many Australians will enjoy for many years to come.

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