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How To Compare Buying Blinds Online to Custom Made

Many people believe that by purchasing blinds online they will be saving money. There are many reasons why this is false economy and is not recommended.

Some of these are:

1. Blinds purchased from Blindman are often cheaper or very comparable in price to those that may be purchased from an online supplier. There are also often extra shipping costs added to your final order cost.

2. By having a personal consultation with one of our experienced consultants, you can view our wide range of materials, feel their quality as well as receive expert advice about the best material, colours and components that are the most suitable for your needs.

3. Custom made blinds are made to fit the exact size of your windows, doors or outdoor areas and by having them professionally measured and fitted you are not taking the risk of them being too big or too small. Being custom made and measured, they will have a perfect fit and sit well, providing maximum privacy and insulation as well as looking neater in your home.

4. By having your blinds, shutters and curtains installed by our professional installation team, who are TAFE trained, you can be assured that they will be mounted in a safe and secure manner with childsafe mechanisms, ensuring they are a safe window furnishing for your family.

5. If an error is made in your order when ordering blinds online, unfortunately you will be out-of-pocket with no recourse for a refund and you will need to pay to re-order the blinds again. Why would you take the chance of this happening?

6. All blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings purchased from Blindman come with product warranties ensuring you are protected from faulty materials or workmanship.

7. Blindman is an Australian owned company selling high quality Australian manufactured indoor and outdoor window treatments which have been tested for their quality and durability before being added to our product range.

8. As Blindman’s factory is located in northwest Sydney, we are easily accessible for any warranty claims or issues that you may experience.

Why would you take these risks with your window furnishings when you can have a free professional consultation and installation service provided by our experienced team. This will ensure you will have beautiful, high quality awnings, blinds, curtains, shutters and security doors with a perfect fit in your home or outdoor area which your family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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