Energy Efficient Window Treatments from Blindman

Today’s window treatments are more than a decorative addition to a home or office. When carefully selected, property owners reduce the costs of their utility bill. When shopping for those stylish coverings, don’t forget your top choices in style, comforts, and energy efficiency.


Awnings are a stylish shade system for the exterior of the home, and one that can reduce the costs of solar heat gain during the hot month by as much as 65 percent on south facing windows, and 77 percent on the west facing windows. Awnings can be custom made to fit hard to fit windows, as well as to shade the entire side of a home or office building.

Today’s Awnings in Sydney are stylish with a choice of fabrics like polyvinyl laminates and acrylic that are durable, water repellent and treated to resist mildew, and fading.


Blinds in Sydney are a popular choice for homes and offices, and one that offers options in style like vertical or horizontal slat-type, colors, interior or exterior coverings, as well as options in materials like vinyl, aluminium, steel or wood, and remote opening and closing. While they are not as effective at reducing heat loss during the cold months then their tremendous strength during the hot months for keeping heat out, they can reduce a utility bill as much as 45 percent. The stylish option in a window covering is one that combines style and sophistication and energy efficiency.

Blinds can be chosen in many different fabrics, including sunscreen fabrics, translucent fabrics, and blockout fabrics. For homeowners with children, Roller Blinds are a safe option in a window covering as they can be installed with child safe controls, ensuring the child’s safety.


Shades in Sydney can be the best choice in an effective energy efficient window treatment. The stylish look of today’s shades includes dual shades that are used to absorb and insulate without dismissing the grace and beauty of style, and privacy. Shades are effective in all seasons. They are a covering that is mounted close to the glass with the shade sides being held close to the wall to form a sealed air space.

The different types of window shades in Sydney include Roman shades and roller shades, and act as an air infiltration system, air barrier, and insulation.


Shutters in Sydney are a stylish addition to the interior or exterior of the home and one that can help to prevent heat gain and loss in the home or office. When on the exterior of the home, they can offer the most advantage in energy saving.

Shutters in Sydney offer:

  • Weather protection
  • Added security
  • No thermal shock to windows if left closed

While the choice of choosing window coverings in Sydney is a personal preference, it does help when you have the knowledge of energy efficient window treatments that offer both style and savings.


You will not have the look and feel you desire if your window coverings stick out like a sore thumb. For instance, if you have a rustic interior theme, then shutters and Roman blinds are the perfect window treatment. If you want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, warm timber Venetians are a stylish choice.


Budget is most often a consideration when choosing window covering. In Sydney. However, when choosing energy efficient window coverings, you should take into consideration the amount of savings that the treatments will offer through the years as some energy efficient coverings can reduce utility bills by 65 percent.


Know your needs prior to making a decision. For instance, if you remain objective is privacy then a block out blind is the best choice. If you want the most visual from a window, a timber Venetian is a great choice, etc. Like you need to get to know your needs, it is important also to get to know your supplier. Choose a company like Blindman that consults with property owners to help them with their best choices in window treatments in Sydney.

Blindman offers a wide choice of window coverings that are ideal for the home or office, and choices that don’t dismiss style and quality for affordability.

For more information or to schedule an in-home / office consultation, contact Blindman at the number below or through our web page.

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