Experience Luxury with G.J. Gardner Home in Grose Wold

For 35 years, G.J. Gardner Homes has been at the forefront of Australian home building, delivering homes that resonate with style and quality. Their Grose Wold project is a beacon of their excellence.


Blindman: Crafting Window Magic

Blindman takes pride in enhancing the beauty of homes with exquisite window treatments. From the classic charm of roller blinds to the modern sophistication of, we bring a touch of luxury to every window.

Step Inside: A World of Elegance

Every corner of this home speaks of G.J. Gardner’s commitment to perfection. The spacious living areas, illuminated by sunlight streaming through large windows, beckon you to relax. The bedrooms, a blend of comfort and design, promise tranquillity.


Panel Glide Blinds: The Ultimate Style Statement

Panel glide blinds are the epitome of modern design. Their seamless movement and chic appearance make them a favourite for large windows and sliding doors. In the Grose Wold residence, they add a layer of contemporary finesse.

Where Dreams Take Shape

The collaboration between Blindman and G.J. Gardner Homes has birthed a home that's both stylish and functional. It's not just a living space; it's an experience.


We offer Free Blind Consultations and Competitive Packages