Why Should You Consider A New Home Package For Your Sydney Home

When building a new home there are so many features to consider. The finishing touches such as Blinds, Awnings, Security doors, Fly Screens and Letterboxes may not be a part of your package. If you pay for a new home package from the Blindman you can have all of your extras completed before you move into your Sydney home. Here’s why you should consider a new home package for your Sydney home.

Immediate Privacy and Security

Moving to a new house is exciting and you want to feel secure in your new home. Window tinting, Blinds and security screens all offer privacy and security. If you wait until you move in to make your decisions about what you want then you are leaving your home exposed until they have been installed. Have the work completed before you move in to give you that peace of mind.

Helps Make Moving in Easy

When you move in, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your new home. If there are still jobs to be done this makes that difficult. The Blindman offers Blinds, Fly Screens, Safety and Screen Doors, Batten fix light fittings, Awnings, Clotheslines, Letterboxes, Window tinting and turf. These can all help finish off your home making it ready to move and settle in.

Great Quality at an Affordable Price

By choosing a professional Sydney company for these extra features you can ensure you are getting the best quality for your home. It also allows you to have a look around for the best price. The Blindman Sydney has been providing homes with these extras for over 25 years and can provide quality craftsmanship and products for an affordable price.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Having these extra details installed adds value to your property. From the instant impression of your home with turf already ‘Rolled’ and an ‘Impressive Letterbox’. To the practicality of Blinds and Screens protecting your privacy and also keeping out the sun. The colours and patterns of the products can add to the décor and really make it stand out.

When the time comes to move into your new home consider contacting the Blindman to take care of all your extra features. They can provide instant privacy and security; ease the settling in period and offer outstanding quality at a reasonable price. If you are in Sydney get in touch with the Blindman.


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