Compare Buying Blinds Online to Custom Made

How To Compare Buying Blinds Online to Custom Made Many people believe that by purchasing blinds online they will be saving money. There are many reasons why this is false economy and is not recommended. Some of these are: 1. Blinds purchased from Blindman are often cheaper or very comparable in price to those that […]

Care & Cleaning of Internal Blinds and Shutters

To maintain the appearance and increase the longevity of your shutters you should follow the below guidelines for operation, cleaning and maintenance: Operating Instructions: • When rotating blades – Tilt two blades at the same time from the centre of the section of blades.• To open hinged panels tilt open blades and pull the fixed […]

Which Window Furnishings Provide the Best Protection for Heat and Cold Temperatures?

Selecting appropriate window furnishings can reduce heat entering your home by up to 90% in summer and keep it around 40% warmer in winter. By making the right choice of window furnishings you can reduce the need for airconditioning, thereby reducing your electricity expenses as well as improve the comfort of your home by providing […]

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