Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings

As a home or business owner, you want the best for your buildings, and high-quality window coverings are an important part of achieving that. Whatever your budget, you can choose from a wide variety of Blinds, Plantation shutters, and Awnings to serve both a fashionable and functional purpose. For blinds, which are an economical option, popular types include roller and Venetian. There are also options within those choices. Shutters have been very popular over the decades and can be made in both wood and synthetic imitations for both interior and exterior spaces. Awnings are especially common for patios, businesses, and any other building where shade is desired. Before you make a decision about window coverings, it is a wise idea to educate yourself. A good company will also make it a priority to walk you through the process of function, design, and price.

For those looking to add a modern look to a room, roller blinds are very popular. Light can either be shut out completely or a little bit allowed in at a time, and Roller Blinds come in a wide range of texture and colors to match a room’s design. With a view screen roller blind, you can even see through to your view while protecting the room from 70% of the sun’s heat. For night, you can install another roller blind for the top of this view screen, so when you want more privacy, you can just pull down this second roller to whatever level you want. Venetian blinds are a classic window covering, and come in many materials like timber, ecowood, and even aluminum. The best timber Venetians are made from the highest-quality, fine-grained wood that is resistant to cracking or other damage. These slated window coverings allow you to tilt your blinds to an angle, so you have more control over how much light you let in. Ecowood blinds are especially effective in spaces where moisture is present, like kitchens and bathrooms. The wood is a composite material, and the materials are chosen specifically to hold up against extreme temperatures while still looking like classic timber blinds. mes. You can also customize these blinds to look like a variety of other styles, like plantation.

Plantation shutters, which get their name from their use on Southern plantations, are very effective for temperature control and their elegant style adds class to any building. Wooden plantation shutters are designed to resist warping and other weather damage, and wood can be painted or stained to any design needs you might have. A good shutter company will have lots of wood options, louvre sizes, and colors. Thermalite Plantation Shutters have the same look of wood shutters, but are not vulnerable to factors like moisture or chipping. They are very useful for bathrooms and kitchens. Price varies depending on the type of material used, so think about how important it is that you have real wood shutters, or if a synthetic option is more economical. Depending on what you want, look through your sizing options as the width of the louvre (slat) can dramatically change the look and allowed light of the shutter.

Awnings are popular for buildings where one desires shade or to cover the outside of your windows. Straight drop awnings roll down and completely enclose whatever space the awning was installed for, and with a view screen, you won’t feel like you are trapped. Your windows will be completely protected against the harsh elements. Folding arm awnings, which are the kind of covering you see over patios, pool areas, and outdoor eating spaces, are very useful on hot summer days. They can even be motorized and programmed to roll themselves back up when the weather is bad and the wind is strong. The traditional awning look, that curved fabric over a window, is most commonly associated with restaurants and other businesses, but there is such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes, that the right awning is also very suitable for residential property.

Window coverings are an investment, so depending on what you are looking for, they can be pretty expensive. However, good blinds, awnings, and shutters should last between 10-20 years (depending on materials, maintenance, etc), so they often pay for themselves in beauty as well as heating and cooling savings. Good window coverings can be used to trap or release heat from rooms, so on cold days, open up your window coverings and let the sun warm your house, while on warm days, you can close them up and not lose the cool air or heat your rooms with the sun. A good window covering company will have affordable pricings and high-quality materials regardless of your budget. Whether you want window coverings to reduce costs, add beauty to your home, maintain some more security, protect your windows, or these reasons all factor into your interest, there will be something just right for you, both price and design-wise.


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