Plantation Shutters Sydney

Your home is your territory, your safe haven and your comfort zone. In order to get the full satisfaction that you desire in your home, it has to look a certain way, it has to reflect you as a person and what better way to achieve this than decorating? Blindman Blinds understands the need to know just the right approach.

While it’s changing the wall colour and deciding between carpet or tile may be an easy task, window dressing is often one of those things that take a long time until a conclusion is reached. It’s no secret that more and more home owners in Sydney are straying away from curtains. They’re bulky, they take up a lot of space and quite frankly, they’re just not ‘in’ any more. This, however, doesn’t leave you with a limited amount of options as Roller BlindsVenetian Blinds, panel glides and of course, Plantation Shutters along with a multitude of other options are available.

What has been receiving increasing popularity in recent years is Plantation Blinds. As their name suggests, they were a very popular trend on plantations many, many years ago. However, as far as their origin is concerned, one would have to look back at ancient Greece to see where Plantation Blinds really made their start. But like all things fashion, the old becomes the new and today, Plantation Blinds are no exception. The great thing with the reinvention of Plantation Blinds is that instead of being just being plain and regular, they’re available in so many textures and colours that finding the perfect fit for your home will be rather simple.

So, what’s all the hype about?

As previously mentioned, the Plantation Shutters of today have taken on a whole new look and are offered in a wide variety a colours and thus finding one that can easily and seamlessly be incorporated into your home to keep up your ambiance won’t prove to be the slightest bit difficult.

Another reason why more and more people are opting for Plantation Shutters as opposed to more traditional window dressings, is due to the fact that they’re not just a feature that highlights the inside of one’s home. Plantation Shutters sort of take a life of their own and once you’ve incorporated these wonderful pieces into your home, you’ll realize how when you drive by, your home’s appearance is uplifted by the Plantation Shutters that peek back at you through your window.

Is it night or is it day?

If you’re one who’d rather not have your entire sydney neighbourhood staring into your home then more than likely your window dressing of preference will be one that is great at giving you the privacy that you need. This is easily accomplished with Plantation Shutters. Not only will you be able to shut out the outside world, but you’ll also be able to eliminate a significant amount of light, creating a wonderful atmosphere to cuddle up and enjoy your favourite film. Still want a little light but not the neighbourhood watch? Adjusting your Shutters will enable you to achieve this. You can set them at an angle that allows the light in, and your eyes to wander out, but as for those who’d like to get a peek in your home, they’ll won’t be able to see past your Shutters.

The wonders and greatness of Plantation Shutters don’t stop there. Unlike curtains that you’ll have to take every month or so, give a good wash and worry about how to get back that perfect pleat that they once boasted, Plantation Shutters are low maintenance. There’s no need to worry about having to pry everything down. With a duster in hand or a cloth, you’ll be able to easily wipe away all the dust that your Plantation Shutters have accumulated.

How long will my Plantation Shutters last?

This all depends on the quality that you choose. When you opt for high quality you’re looking at a good twenty years on your Plantation Shutters. This doesn’t mean that after twenty years your Shutters won’t be standing strong, in all likelihood they will. However, if they do look a tad bit worn after this duration of time, more than likely, the only thing you’ll need is a nice paint job and these timeless window coverings.

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