Enhance The Elegance Of Your Windows With The Best Venetian Blinds

Commonplace though they might seem, windows are an integral feature in any house. In the past, people seldom focused on beautifying their windows. Instead, they preferred to focus on beautifying the interiors of the house. Windows served no other function other than providing a view of the outdoors or facilitating the entry of natural light indoors. The use of shutters is popular in the Ponds and other areas. However, people often find themselves bereft of ideas, when it comes to finding the best ways to decorate their windows.

Venetians for the Windows – An Increasingly Popular Window Dressing Across Australia

Many people preferred installing the simple glass windows in their homes. These windows were both, cheap and cost effective. In addition, they were easy to maintain too. However, the disadvantage of glass is that it seals the window when closed. Therefore, if you close the glass window, you might still have natural light entering through it. However, the room would soon become stuffy, unless you’re using an air conditioner.

On the other hand, if you leave the window open, you could facilitate the entry of various bugs and insects. A mesh window could make things easier. However, in recent times, many homeowners have found that venetians could be the best solution, when it comes to window dressings

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds trace their origins to the city of Venice. Some historians believe that the concept of venetian blinds originated in Persia. At the time, Persia was an important centre of trade in the world. As various travellers passed through Persia, they came upon these venetian blinds and carried these ideas back home with them. As a result, the use of venetians became popular throughout Venice and Paris.

The mass production of venetian blinds enhanced their popularity down the years. People began to view them as an economical and cost effective alternative to curtains. Today, people consider venetian blinds as being the most efficient and versatile window-dressings available. They come in a wide range of colours. You could find them in bespoke designs too, which would make them complement the interiors of your home. They offer easy adjustments for controlling the amount of light entering indoors. Lastly, they are ideal for consumers with all kinds of budgets.

What are the Most Popular Kinds of Venetian Blinds?

There are three major varieties of venetian blinds. These include:

  • Aluminium Venetians: The popularity of these metallic venetians catapulted during the 1950s and 1960s. The charm of aluminium lies in the fact that it is both, durable and lightweight. In addition, it comes in an assortment of metallic colours. These are quite inexpensive when compared with the wooden venetians found in markets. When people want to imbue their homes with a modern look, they usually opt for these kinds of venetians.
  • Wooden Venetians: These venetians imbue homes with a classic, timeless look. Hence, they often tend to resemble the original kinds of venetians used in Venice. Manufacturers produce these venetians from various kinds of wood. Wooden venetians are popular because they make the house seem exotic and elegant. However, this timeless appeal usually comes at a price. Wooden venetians are quite expensive as compared to the metallic varieties. Many people consider wooden venetians to be the most expensive kinds of blinds. Of these, timber venetians remain the most popular nowadays.
  • PVC Venetians: Among the most recent entrants in the market, these venetians are slowly becoming popular. PVC is both, durable and lightweight. In addition, manufacturers have developed PVC venetians that have patterns akin to wooden venetians. This has enabled many homeowners to select PVC venetians. The availability of these wood-patterned venetians has enabled people to achieve the elegant look of wooden venetians in their homes. That too, at a fraction of the actual cost.

Are You Looking for Venetians and Commercial Blinds in Sydney?

If you’re looking for high quality blinds and shutters for your home or office, don’t look beyond Blindman Pty Limited. Since 1989, we have been installing blinds of various kinds to clients all over northwest Sydney. We supply all kinds of blinds, shutters and venetians. Thus, finding the best window-dressing for your home or office is a breeze.

Besides this, we also offer a variety of packages aimed at builders, investors etc. In addition, we maintain high standards of quality and workmanship. The rates for our products and services is quite competitive and affordable too. Therefore, the next time you’re on the lookout for venetians, call us at 0403 637 912.


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